About OCLR



The Ontario Coalition for Lab Reform is a group comprised of smaller owner-operated community laboratories, non-profit organizations, doctors, patient groups, allied service providers and concerned patients and patient groups who want to see a modern, patient-centred medical laboratory system established in Ontario. Formed to promote the need for reform in Ontario’s medical laboratory services system, OCLR believes in Ontario can have the best medical laboratory system through the adoption of newer testing procedures, greater transparency and public sector oversight, and by embracing non-profit service providers and Ontario’s community hospitals as partners in the delivery of laboratory testing as is done elsewhere in Canada. All of this is possible at no increased cost to the Ontario Health Care system by introducing a new model for governance of Ontario’s community laboratory testing system based on best practices and quality care.


Coalition Members


Alpha Laboratories has delivered high quality health service to health care professionals and patients for more than 45 years. Alpha state-of-the-art Labs, dedicated staff, directors, pathologists and medical and scientific consultants ensure the provision of the highest quality services to patients and the medical community.


Bio-Test Laboratory has been providing the highest quality in diagnostic laboratory and radiology services in the Ottawa and surrounding areas for more than 35 years.




Operating in the Greater Toronto Area, MedEx delivers health and multi-lingual support services people who are frail, housebound, or ill to private citizens and through a wide range of agencies.

Pathologists, family physicians, technologists, patient groups and concerned individuals.